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to Keepin' it Real with Robin!

I am all about authenticity in the ever-evolving world of real estate. I've always believed in "Keepin' it Real" – living authentically, without pretense, and embracing the daily grind with honesty and determination.

Real estate often portrays a glamorous facade, but in reality, it's a relentless journey of growth and adaptation. By surrounding ourselves with the right people and the right mindset, we can surpass our own expectations and achieve greatness.


Let's Connect!



A revolutionary program designed to empower realtors and industry professionals to elevate their businesses to new heights. We've all attended conferences, felt the surge of motivation, only to see it fizzle out without tangible results. At Bootcamp, that changes. You won't leave until you've taken actionable steps towards your goals, ensuring instant movement, momentum, and the development of habits that drive your business forward.

Join me on this journey of authenticity, growth, and relentless progress. Let's keep it real and make remarkable strides together! Sign up now for my next BadAss Bootcamp.

Monday, April 8

Monday, April 29



I am merging my 2 careers, to bring you a one of a kind experiences to open up your minds and think outside of the box on how you can deliver 5 star service to your clients.  Before, during and after the transaction. Stay up to date on any upcoming events I will be hosting or attending.

See my upcoming event HERE!


Zoom or In Person Meeting

I am all about helping each other stay accountable in order to achieve our goals. Setting up a meeting with me will help this process and I am happy to do so both virtually and in-person. 

The secret sauce to my methods! I will give you my step by step process on executing some of my proven ideas for business and personal growth. Learn more HERE.


Buy or sell today!

Helping you buy or sell a property is sacred!  I take great pride in my work, and I am honored to have the privilege to help families just like yours. Learn more HERE.


Here is my story.

As a native Washingtonian, Robin proudly hails from the vibrant DC/Metro area, where she was born in Washington DC and raised in Northern Virginia. With a dynamic career spanning over three decades, Robin boasts a unique blend of expertise in both the hospitality and real estate industries.

With a solid foundation built over 20 years in hospitality, Robin was an integral part of the opening teams for five distinct restaurants across three states. Renowned for their unwavering dedication to top-tier customer service, Robin honed her skills in high-end establishments where client satisfaction was paramount.

Transitioning seamlessly into real estate over a decade ago, Robin quickly made their mark, earning recognition as Rookie of the Year in her inaugural year. Since then, her sales have soared year after year, earning accolades as a Top Producer by esteemed publications such as the Washingtonian and Northern Virginia Magazine.

Believing that her success stems from the fusion of hospitality and real estate, Robin is passionate about delivering unparalleled client experiences through effective communication, streamlined systems, and, of course, genuine hospitality.

In 2024, Robin furthered her commitment to empowering real estate professionals by launching BadAss Bootcamp, a transformative program designed to reignite and revitalize businesses at all levels. Leveraging their extensive corporate training background and firsthand real estate experiences,  Robin understands the crucial need for high-level accountability and practical systems to propel agents towards rapid and sustainable success, while delivering 5 star service.

Robin's passion is to help clients and industry peers alike, to expect nothing short of excellence, as they continue to redefine standards and elevate the real estate landscape in the nation's capital and beyond.



In our industry, there's an abundance of flashy presentations and superficial glamour, but what truly sustains a successful business is often obscured. I firmly believe in cutting through the façade and offering authentic mentorship grounded in real-world experience. By providing genuine guidance and fostering a culture of accountability, I am convinced that businesses can thrive consistently, not just momentarily. Sustainability isn't achieved through smoke and mirrors; it's about the daily grind, the perseverance, and the willingness to learn from both successes and failures. With a focus on genuine mentorship and unwavering accountability, we pave the path for enduring success, year after year, quarter after quarter.


Be empowered!


The practice of being held to a certain standard of excellence. This course is high-level accountability.


Being true to your own personality, values, and spirit, regardless of the pressure that you're under to act otherwise.  Always be you.


Empowerment is the practice of motivating yourself or others to accomplish important goals or objectives.


The word on the street.

"Because of Robin's Bootcamp, I feel more confident in processes to take my customer service to the next level for my clients. The accountability has been amazing, and I am truly blessed to have met so many amazing women over the last 8 weeks!" 

Emily Merentette

"Her invaluable insights, particularly her business savvy on running a successful real estate business while balancing the roles of mom and wife have helped me implement the necessary systems to scale my own business." 

Damarys Cover

"Robin is true to herself and her journey of Real Estate, using it as a focal point to inspire others.  Robin's problem-solving approaches and boundless energy are exciting and fun." 

Julie Holgate

"Your course has changed the trajectory of my real estate career and has opened up my mind and heart to so many new things that in the past I have resisted.  I can't tell you how much you have impacted me, a 28 year real estate veteran." 

Pam Nonemaker

"Thanks to Robin's boot camp, I've discovered a passion for video creation and social media creativity. Most importantly, I've identified my niche in real estate, understanding that genuine connection is the cornerstone of effective marketing, transforming me into a trusted advisor." 

Jillian Carmical

"You are a BadAss yourself! I'm so excited to see you writing new pages in your story and supporting and inspiring others!"


You're probably wondering...

  • Can we meet in person?
    I am happy to schedule a one on one session with you. Please reach out via my contact form and I will reply as soon as possible.
  • What is this event about?
    What is Bootcamp for Realtors you ask? It’s just like Bootcamp at a gym, we are doing daily activities IN our business and at each class in person. Before they leave for the day, we accomplish so much by, activating new habits, a clear vision and a positive mindset! Stay tuned for more details as I launch this new Bootcamp! #badassbootcamp#realestateclass#rockbottomtothetop#workinginyourbusiness#entrepreneurship#keepinitreal

in Touch


Why and My Goal

My passion for assisting others stems from a deeply ingrained desire to make a positive impact on their lives. Having spent two decades in the hospitality industry, where customer satisfaction was paramount, and over ten years in real estate, where client experiences are pivotal, I've developed a profound appreciation for the transformative power of assistance and guidance. Witnessing the tangible difference that effective support can make, whether in finding the perfect home or navigating complex transactions, fuels my dedication to helping others succeed in their endeavors. 


This intrinsic joy in seeing others thrive, coupled with my expertise in both hospitality and real estate, drives me to launch this bootcamp. I find immense fulfillment in sharing my knowledge and empowering aspiring realtors with the tools and mindset to thrive in this competitive industry to reach their full potential, knowing that their success ultimately contributes to the betterment of their clients' lives and experiences.

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